Ellington Trio


The Ellington Trio is a band with its own sound and consists of three expressive soloists. As the name suggests, we refer to the great master of swing jazz, Duke Ellington. The trio draws inspiration from his repertoire and - just like the Duke himself - moves on the border between tradition and avant-garde. The chamber music instrumentation, consisting of piano, double bass and vocals, offers us a very special freedom.

Together we create refined and sensitively interwoven arrangements and have developed a delicate playing culture. In doing so, we demonstrate our soloistic abilities and at the same time create an unmistakable overall sound that has developed organically in the band's history, which now spans several years. Our joint conceptual and organizational collaboration makes it a species rarely found in jazz: a band! The Ellington Trio not only attaches importance to the highest artistic standards, but also wants to carry away and entertain its audience - completely in the spirit of Duke Ellington.

The lineup, which has been together since 2015, has now invited a special guest to accompany them on our second album, "Things ain't what they used to be"  Together with Echo-Prize-Winner Frederik Köster (trumpet) we have a lively conversation and enter new, exciting sound spaces. This album was nominated for the German Record Critics Prize!

  • Barbara Barth: Stimme
  • Gero Körner: Klavier
  • feat. Frederik Köster: Trompete


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Album Trailer 'Thing's Ain't What They Used to Be', Hansa Haus Studio, Bonn
Video Don't Get Around Much Anymore, SR-TV, 2021
Video In A Mellow Tone, SR-TV, 2021