The trio Jaggat skilfully spans melodic arcs between world music and chamber jazz. The musicians combine Spanish, Indian, Arabic and Latin American influences into an expressive musical blend. It is a music that moves beyond culturally specific categories to form a multifaceted, unique musical spectrum. The trio's first album with special guest Christoph König from the band UWAGA! was recorded in March 2023 with Dutch sound wizard Chris Weeda at Fattoria Musica Studio in Osnabrück, Germany. An album release is scheduled for 2024  

The New Colours Festival writes about Jaggat: 'What a love of improvisation and soulful light-footedness! More common consensus is hardly possible, how acoustic bass, guitar as well as an arsenal of Persian hand drums unite here in terms of world music and chamber jazz. This vibrant and sensitive sound journey transports you to another world. Or rather, this is what that one world sounds like when it transcends cultural boundaries and creates a multi-faceted, unique universe.'

  • Markus Conrad: Akustische Gitarre 
  • Caspar van Meel: Kontrabass
  • Afra Mussawisade: Perkussion

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Video Waldweg, Live in the Loft, Cologne, 2021
Video Ramenco, Live in the Loft, Cologne, 2021
Video Friday Night, Duo Conrad / van Meel, Düsseldorf, 2019