The band TREY has been around for 10 years - and has released their second album entitled Lucky Streak in 2022. For this production TREY invited the multiple award-winning German-Icelandic saxophonist Stefan Karl Schmid as a guest. He expands TREY to a quartet and enriches the band sound with his emotional, cultivated and virtuosic playing. TREY's music fuses classical modern jazz with lyrical melodies and European-influenced harmonies. The original compositions of Caspar van Meel and Bastian Ruppert mostly move in simple, clear song structures and leave room for playful improvisations.

  • Stefan Karl Schmidt: Saxophon
  • Bastian Ruppert: Guitar
  • Dominic Brosowski: Drums


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Video Recording Aphrodite mit F in the Loft, Cologne, 2021
Video Recording 5725 S Kimbark Avenue in the Loft, Cologne, 2021
Video Recording Mental Eingeschneit in the Loft, Cologne, 2021